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Computer Information Systems

SCC offers computer training in Network Design and Administration, Software and Web Development, and basic computer literacy.

   » Cisco CCNA Certification Classes
SCC offers Cisco certification classes. Contact Laura Kier at (509) 533-8446 or

Network Design and Administration

(photo)The goal of the Network Design and Administration program is to equip students with the essential skills necessary to maintain local area, wide area, and wireless networks - including design, implementation, optimization, and troubleshooting. A wide variety of classes are offered including A+, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft Server, Windows 7, VoIP, UNIX/LINUX, security, and virtualization.

Software Development

(photo)The Software Development program educates students in both Web and desktop programming concepts including XHTML, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic.Net, ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails, C#, SQL, Agile development and other technologies and concepts essential for developing state-of-the-art software. Graduates will demonstrate proper software design patterns, soft skills necessary to work on a team, and research methods required in a highly technologically competitive environment. Upon completion, graduates will have acquired skills necessary to design and write database-driven software that runs on the desktop (Windows) and Internet (websites).

Graduates from these programs will also have the skills to continue learning, to adapt to change, and to find answers that may not exist upon graduation.

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